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Due to the repeated attacks over the years, ISP hopping that had to occur, and the latest attack that has been going on for 2 weeks.  Enough is enough, I am throwing in the towel and will no longer be hosting the Teamspeak server.  Funds wise $5 had been donated towards next month and I will be sending that individual a refund via PayPal since it will no longer be required.

It was a good run and I wish everyone the best.

Thais Sorry that it was such a pain in the neck. I thank you greatly for hosting it and putting up with that for far longer th...

Welcome to Zero Drama Gaming

Epi a posted Sep 28, 12

Welcome to the home of Zero Drama Gaming

The purpose of this community is to provide a home for adult gaming enthusiasts who have grown weary over the years with the "drama" that occurs in many of their former gaming clans/guilds/communities.  We are a casual gaming community made up of individuals who enjoy spending our leisure time gaming and socializing with friends and family over voice chat.

Requirements for membership are simple.

  1. You are at least 18 years old
  2. You have a desire to maintain a drama free gaming environment
  3. You understand that real life supersedes gaming (this is a casual environment)
  4. You enjoy gaming and spending time socializing with like minded individuals

The purpose of this website is simple, it allows members to communicate with one another and provides one central information repository for announcements, new game information, and other pertinent information.

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